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ELV Switch


The Collocation of Rockers
—Fitting all kinds of interior design styles

Simon-Bus is a room control unit system, which able to enhance guest experience and advance energy efficiency in full service and luxury hotels by conducting centralized control management of main indoor electrical equipment (lightings, switches, sockets, air conditioner, curtain, etc.).


Low voltage switches integrated with control systems

・This catalogue shows a full range of low voltage switches are designed to operate with RCU and KNX bus system, that can be mounted in commercial or residential applications: hotels, offices, villas, etc.

・The RCU and KNX bus systems are the technology which controls the automation of integral functions such as curtains, lighting, heating, air conditioning, energy management and more for smart spaces. Intelligently transforming the spaces, optimizing its use, improving the reliability and making electricity consumption efficient.


Bus system(RCU/KNX) Control solution

Control system conducts centralized control management of the main indoor electrical equipment (air conditioner, keycard switch, lighting and curtain etc.).

Through real-time communication between local area networks and the computer, the operating state of the equipment can be sent to the management computer in time, which is convenient for the scientific management and maintenance by the administrators or service staff.

Individual users can improve on the comfort level of the living or working space through the remote control of intelligent terminals.