• High lumen efficiency

up to 115lm/w

• Anti-glare design with prism plate

• DOB design

• Long lifespan


• Energy saving

up to 60% energy saving compared to conventional CFL downlight

• Flicker free

01 CD20.jpg


• Simplicity design

Generous appearance with integrated lamp body design

• Infrared sensor technology

Photosensitive and infrared technology, lighting on when people present and lighting off with delay of 30 seconds

02 CDS20.jpg


• Easy to installation

High installation tolerance, cutout size covers 75~100mm

• Ultra thin design

Feel like integrated with the ceiling

• Anti-glare


03 CD26.jpg


• Professional optical control

Good balance of light efficiency and color rendering
Shield angle >30°, anti-glare

• Excellent heat dissipation

Excellent thermal management for stable performance/die-casting aluminum housing

• Multiple options

Full range of power and cutout size for different application

• Ultra thin design

Feel like integrated with the ceiling

04 CD30.jpg


• Professional optical control

Uniform and soft facula, the shape of the specialized reflector is like a parabola, and made by injection molding and vacuum electroplating

• Durable with great heat dissipation

Streamline shape dissipation structure for stable performance/die-casting aluminum

• Anti-glare

UGR<19, shield angle >35°

05 CFD32.jpg

Valor Downlight Gen2

• High lumen efficiency/up to 120lm/w

• Uniform lit surface with slim design

• Wide range variety/meet different needs

• Energy saving/up to 65% energy saving compared to conventional CFL downlight

• Long life/3 times more life than conventional downlight

06 Valor-Downlight-Gen2.jpg

Valor Slim Tunable Ceiling Light

• Surface mounted with slim profile design

• Tunable white from 3000k-6500k

• Multiple options of sizes for different rooms

• Easy installation

07 Valor-Slim-Tunable-Ceiling-Light.jpg

Valor Ceiling Light

• Long lifespan/30,000h

• Energy saving/up to 50% compared to conventional CFL ceiling lamp

• Multiple options of color Temperature

• Easy installation

08 Valor-Ceiling-Light.jpg