We transform all the knowledge and experience we've accumulated into unique solutions that inspires professionals who work with light, enhancing their creativity and accompanying them as they create spaces.

Design is an essential part of our products. Designs that are not only attractive, but also provide comfort, ease of use and a simplified recycling process.


Loop is a contemporary interpretation of lighting art that invites to create spaces with shapes and light, both in unitary and group installation. Loop gives every space a distinct identity, transforming the concept of indoor lighting by offering freedom to the spatial creation of forms and light.



Arch is simplicity and elegance. Emotion through its geometry, a circle or square of light. Arch can be grouped and is steerable, it is a luminaire that can be built in, trimless or surface. Arch is suitable for general lighting or to highlight a space.



Mood turns the vertical and horizontal planes with which we create and define spaces into elements that acquire a new architectural dimension when integrating the light source on the wall as if it was part of it. The luminaires can be combined and grouped creating ornamental compositions, different light effects on the surface and even totally free artistic creations, personalizing environments and positively influencing our mood.


X-Less patented Trimiless system


Slim system

Slim System are customizable, flexible and versatile lighting structures drawing on the three dimensions of space and adapting formally and luminically to the architecture. Its modules are pieces designed to be assembled easily to allow creativity, and the composition of unique structures integrated into interior design. A light only appearing when necessary.



Drops of light fall on different surfaces, creating personalized compositions that define spaces. Drop highlights the details of what’s essential. It’s an adjustable system, a combination of spotlights and structural elements creating luminaires that offer the possibility of accentuating light where necessary. Therefore, Drop becomes a structural element which shares the architectural concept.



Point is focused precision, a luminaire designed to transfer prominence to any object or space. Point can act alone or in group, shaping the space and highlighting details through careful light direction onto surfaces. Yet in its definition, Point goes unnoticed: a minimalist tool offering protagonism through illumination.