Valor Bulb

• Wide range from 3w to15w, multiple choice for light color

• Easy retrofit incandescent and CFL lamp for saving energy up to 80%

• Longer lifespan/up to 10 years(*4hrs/day)

• Flicker free/reduce eye stress

• Free of IR and UV radiation

• Fast heat dissipation

01 Valor-Bulb.jpg

Valor Emergency Bulb

• Wide operation voltage:100-300V

• 2.5kV surge protection

• High lumen efficiency/up to 110lm/w

• High light output at emergency mode and last more than 5hrs

• Easy for emergency use/cap holder included in package

02 Valor-Emergency-Bulb.jpg

Valor High Power Bulb

• Wide range from 20w to 65w (E40 cap included in 65W package)

• Long lifespan/up to 5years(*12hrs/day)

• Energy saving/more than 50% energy saving compared to CFL

• High lumen efficiency/up to 140lm/w

03 Valor-High-Power-Bulb.jpg

Duro GU10

• Easy retrofit halogen 50w for saving energy 85%

• Easy installation and maintenance

• Top seller wattage selection with dimming option

04 Duro-GU10.jpg