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Xiong'an Langyue VOCO Hotel

Project Name | Xiong'an Langyue VOCO Hotel (Under the InterContinental Hotels Group) Project

Address | Xiong'an, China

Xiong'an Langyue VOCO Hotel, affiliated with the InterContinental Hotels Group's new luxury hotel brand, takes its name from the Latin word "VOCO," meaning "invitation" or "call," embodying its beautiful vision of "building intimate relationships with guests and creating a pleasant stay experience."

Simon collaborates with Xiong'an Langyue VOCO Hotel to provide guests with a delightful and cozy lodging space, creating a thoughtful and reliable stay experience. 

The hotel resembles a well-designed Chinese courtyard, drawing inspiration from the culture of Yan and Zhao. The primary color scheme of brown and linen combines the rich and atmospheric Chinese elegance with the trendy and modern brand tone. Upon entering the lobby, the top extends in an arched shape to the sides, resembling the form of a mythical bird, creating a spacious and expansive atmosphere.

Incorporating elements of sky, earth, mountains, and water, the decorative elements align perfectly with the design inspiration of Simon E6 series - "Between Heaven and Earth, Infinite Freedom." The Simon E6 series adopts a clean large panel design, with upper and lower borders resembling heaven and earth, and frameless extension on the sides, creating a harmonious blend of freedom between heaven and earth seamlessly integrated with the hotel's interior space.

The project consists of 129 rooms and suites, offering a variety of room types. The overall guest control and room intelligent system use the Simon Bus RCU system. With a modern and efficient system paired with contemporary smart devices, the hotel creates a comfortable and pleasant living space for business travel, leisure, and vacation.

Simon's smart products, including lighting, shading, and environmental control systems, achieve intelligent scene control, smart curtains, smart thermostat, and more. With an easy and convenient interactive experience, guests can intelligently control various devices in the room, conveying a new and modern urban living style.

Based on user habits, Simon has customized four modes – soft, table lamp, bright, and master control using the Simon E6 series smart scene switch at the bedside for this project. These modes match various scenarios, using lighting to enhance the spatial ambiance. Additionally, guests can control curtains and window screens while lying in bed, enjoying a smart and comfortable experience.

Moreover, the Simon Bus system provides efficient and powerful backend management and control. It can intelligently control the status of device operation based on actual usage, saving energy and improving hotel management efficiency. With a modular design, maintenance is convenient, and performance is reliable.

Together, Simon and Xiong'an Langyue VOCO Hotel construct a unique brand aesthetic and international service measures, creating a high-end and flexible enjoyable space, bringing guests a leisurely and enjoyable business travel experience.