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Naturally Created Excellent Light


The project is the brand-new office space of Majorel China's Shanghai Headquarters, an international leading corporate service provider located at Daning Tulip Park. The design of Majorel Shanghai Headquarters aims to explore a new office interaction mode and a unique space experience, injecting more natural dynamics into architectural aesthetics.

Architecture Farm refers to the project design as the "Urban Jungle," expecting to bring sights indoors and, in harmony with nature, explore space expression in the post-industrial era, restoring the correlation between humans and nature in the contemporary architectural context.

In correspondence with the park, indoor lighting adopts the Simon HS68 Square Spotlight, characterized by high CRI and low glare, providing near-natural indoor lighting that integrates the entire space. This allows for the enjoyment of outdoor sights. 

For space function zoning and building streamline planning, the architectural structure axis network is adopted for zoning. The Simon FU68 Square Surface-mounted Spotlight is used, square in shape and elegant in design, with subdued light spots consistent with the indoor design style. The delicate appearance adorned with the upper space full of green plants demonstrates extreme aesthetics to the observer. The advantages of ALTA 68 are fully utilized here.

The modern office environment seeks a more blurred boundary, attempting to explore a balance between work and life. The partly covered and partly exposed ceiling with ALTA 68 not only realizes a unified indoor design style but also solves the pain point of consistent color temperature from different products. In the public office area, light strips are used, outlining a comfortable and pleasing atmosphere. 

Additionally, the Simon HS68 Spotlight with super-low UGR is adopted for basic lighting, ensuring sufficient lighting in the working area while prioritizing employees' physical and mental health by enhancing lighting quality. Currently, "Freedom" and "Health" label the ideal office space. Therefore, the philosophy that promotes comfort, relaxation, and human care is introduced in the office space design. In a fresh environment, work becomes a source of power rather than a burden.

The widely used white oak veneer, greyish-green texture paint, and concrete build a space atmosphere in a natural tone. The grey wool felt block adds comfort. Green plants hung above create a purely natural atmosphere, making people feel beauty during leisure time at work, looking up to "nature fun." 

On the ceiling, the Simon FLUVIA Slim and Drop combo form an extremely simple ceiling aesthetics, elegant and capable. 

Functionally, it is controlled by the newly launched BLE light control system, allowing agile scene switching in middle and small spaces. 

The mood originates from lighting. Lighting is the soul of a space. Lighting design is not stereotyped but focuses on the scene core of a project to satisfy diversified and personalized needs. Simon always insists on high-standard lighting design and quality and innovates according to specific scenes, rebuilding a space style.

In the future, Simon moves forward to empower more beautiful spaces.