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Simon Electric Empowers the Construction of Hangzhou Asian Games Village

The highly anticipated Asian sports extravaganza has successfully concluded in Hangzhou. Featuring magnificent performances and exhilarating ignition ceremonies that have left a lasting impression. Equally captivating is the Asian Games Village, intimately connected to the lives of athletes, technical officials, and media reporters. Here, they will undergo the initial village registration, sign-ups, housing allocations, dining arrangements, marking the commencement of a month-long "village life." Positioned along the Qiantang River, the Hangzhou Asian Games Village is dedicated to evolving into a future community that embodies the essence of "pleasure, livability, and allure."

Simon Electric has contributed to the Hangzhou Asian Games Village, specifically the Radiant City (also known as Athletes' Village 2), by providing high-quality switch series products – the Simon E6 Series and Simon i7 Series. The Simon E6 Series boasts a sleek large panel design with a border resembling the heavens and earth, visually extending without borders on the left and right for an aesthetically pleasing and grand appearance. On the other hand, the Simon i7 Series features an extraordinary minimalist design, presenting a visually refined and flat aesthetic. These two classic product series effortlessly meet the construction standards of the Asian Games Village, emphasizing safety, comfort, and beauty, bringing about a comfortable lifestyle that combines aesthetics and convenience.

With a rich history, Simon Electric has tirelessly devoted itself to excellence, consistently demonstrating a sense of responsibility. Through outstanding product quality, brand influence, and service commitment, Simon Electric has garnered continuous favor from customers and has been prominently featured in national key projects. In this sporting spectacle, Simon Electric will illuminate the pursuit of dreams alongside you, conveying a spirit of transcendence and radiating the power of youth!