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Boundless Lifestyle, Starting Your Smart Living

Project name | Hong Kong Land & CR Land · Guangchen

Location | Chongqing 

With changing and updating of our life styles, residence is also being upgraded. 

We are always seeking for extreme living experience to enjoy our modern life. 

Simon M3 Smart, together with the classic high-end residence masterpiece

 - Hong Kong Land and CR Land · Guanchen, 

decodes and advances our life with its boundless lifestyle, starting our smart living.


Multi-scene Smart Lighting

As we know, lighting is an inspiration to create a home atmosphere, 

with its different combinations, brightness and color temperature

change to adjust the space qualities, giving you a refreshed experience. 

Simon M3 Smart comes with various matches and provides

the Project with a complete set of lighting control system

by means of its smart control panel combo including

smart multi-function switch, smart scene switch, smart dimming switch, etc. 

In addition, it matches with the Simon Smart System, 

supporting interaction by means of APP, smart speaker, etc. 

And controlling the light as you wish, 

easy to operate and bringing you an easy and smart life.

Multiple scene modes, including “Reception,” 

“Entertainment,” etc., can be customized in the living room, 

which are switched easily with one rocker, 

making your space full of images through changeable lighting.

Each touch makes you experience finger-tip quality sense on

the flat and micro-inching rocker.

Moreover, Simon M3 Smart is designed with an 86mm large frameless panel

matching with the retro and modern combined indoor design style, 

reproducing the extremely simple but meaningful aesthetics with frameless beauty.

Humanized and Comfortable Temperature Control 

Elegant and luxurious living cannot be separated

with extreme pursuit for the high quality environment, where temperature is an intuitive indicator of whether or not the living environment is comfy. 

The humanized and comfortable temperature control is not only dependent on

the beautiful control panel, but also satisfies your living and operating habits.

The Project is installed with Simon M3 Smart thermostat, 

saying goodbye to traditional thermostat and realizing upgrading with

a boundless full-touch panel, full of technology and science. 

The operating interface is simple and easy to operate. 

Functionally, it supports a systematic 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 integration of AC, 

Radiant Floor Heating and Fresh Air and realizes unified multi-environment smart management, 

keeping indoor environment comfy and healthy.

Likewise, Simon M3 Smart thermostat is remotely controlled, 

adjusting home temperature via APP

anywhere at any time and with the timing setting supported. 

The AC can be started in advance on the way home during summer

and floor heating can be pre-set during winter, 

making you enjoy the proper temperature.

Consideration in Details 

Delicacy starts from details that are full of consideration. 

In addition to a complete smart control system, 

Simon also provides the Project with detailed craftsmanship

that can be seen everywhere.

Simon M3 presence detector floor wash light is installed in the aisle outside the bedroom, 

which is lit upon presence and delayed to turn off, 

lighting your step in the dark. 

The lighting with a color temperature of 3000K is warm

but not dazzling, caring for your every moment.

Simon M3 Mechanical Switch, designed with built-in slim fluorescent indicator,

 functions equally with the presence detector floor wash light

and is clearly indicated in the dark, without lighting worries in the dark. 

In the bathroom, Simon provides you with Splash Boxes

that are waterproof and dustproof, securing electricity. 

The space design integrates with maximum comfort and functionality,

 considering your life in all aspects. 

Simon Smart converts complexity to simplicity with its smart products, 

interpreting an ideal space that can be sensible and starting your advanced life in a smart way.