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2023 Simon Gathering Event in Indonesia -Simon & SNE

SIMON 2023 Indonesia gathering event was held on March 4th, 2023 at Arya Duta Hotel’s Hall, Medan City. The event started on time as scheduled at 7.30 pm and ends at 11.20 pm. Around 300 customers are invited from Aceh and North Sumatera provinces.

At the gathering event, outlet owners got to see Simon’s product line and got product knowledge especially for Simon smart system


Sinar Niaga Elektrik

As one of Simon’s most important distributors, SNE is based in Medan, the capital city of North Sumatera province. SNE is 2022 Simon’s best retail distributor, managing both retail and project aspects for Medan city and with the help of sub-distributors, SNE covers Simon’s distribution for the whole Sumatera Island.

SIMON Launching Products

In this gathering event, guests got to see and touch Simon’s products in person and among which, several new products were introduced in this gathering event, which are very attractive to customers.

I.Simon Smart

Smart home system is not popular in Medan unlike in Jakarta, which is Indonesia’s capital city. Guests who came to the gathering event mostly are enthusiastic about the smart home system. They had not heard about the smart home concept until they saw SIMON’s at the gathering night. They are amazed to see Simon smart home system presented with a smart display board.

This gathering brought a new experience of smart home to Indonesian local customers. They gathered in front of the Simon smart home exhibition, standing for a long time to experience the convenient life brought by smart products.

II. Simon New Products

Simon also launched new products in this gathering event, which is very attractive to customers.

This time Simon’s new products are the wall-mounted gateway and the smart security set.

The wall-mounted gateway is multi-functional, not only serving as a gateway but can also offer charger ports for both USB type A and type C.

Simon also introduced a whole new series—Simon S20 series. The S20 series takes inspiration from the “waltz” dance, which is innovatively blended into the design of the switch structure. Unique high-gloss retro toggle switches flow elegantly on a metal panel, a perfect interpretation of the classic retro futurism.


2023 SIMON Gathering Event

At the gathering, SIMON APAC Principal, Mr. Derek, gave the opening speech. He noted that Indonesia will hold an important position in the Asia Pacific strategy. And Mr. Derek also shared successful experiences at the gathering.

The 2023 Simon Indonesia Distributor Conference came to a successful conclusion. 

In order to let customers better understand and experience Simon products, we hope we can work hand in hand with all the dealer representatives and think about our future together.

“ Coming together is beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”