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Habitat & People Event in Shanghai

Habitat & People 1.0 was successfully done in Shanghai 1933 Exhibition Center on 19th June 2020.

From 2013, the “Habitat & People” salon has been successfully conducted several times in overseas. Now it finally launched in China. During this event, we  focused on the relationship between “light and health”, explored the multiple ways of symbiosis between light and people.

This event has gathered over 100 attendants together, they are the senior designers or experts from lighting industry.

Mr. Gonzalo Batista, the business development director, presented in this event and shared his view about the relations between light & people, light & objects, light & space, and review the light and how to control it from a completely new angle.

Ms. Luoxi Hao, the professor of School of Architecture and Urban Planning from Tongji University and vice president of International Lighting Commission, shared her outstanding achievements and breakthroughs from her team about how to apply light in medical treatment and scientific research.

Ms. Chenlu Zhang, the business partner and lighting design director of Shanghai Gerui Design Company, talked about how light can affect people’s daily life in 24 hours. She demonstrated the relations between light and health using multiple examples, such as wake up in the morning, highly efficient working, entertainment relax and peaceful sleep.

The FLUVIA series was showed on site, which has displayed its excellent application in architecture art. Attendants can explore and discover its beauty and take photos, which allows them to think and feel the delicate balance between light and people.

We also offered Spanish food and cocktail on site. It is a pleasure Friday night with friends, let’s cheer for everyone’s health and bright future!