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Simon Indonesia Gathering Meeting in Hotel Mulia Senayan

SIMON Indonesia gathering meeting was held on October 24th, 2023 at Hotel’s Mulia Senayan. The event started on time as scheduled at 6.30 pm and ended at 9.20 pm. 

The picture shows on Tuesday (24/10), Esteban Bretcha, CEO of Simon Group and Simon board of directors participate in a press conference at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta.

Mr. Sergio Vives, Chairman of Simon Group and Mr. Esteban Bretcha, CEO of Simon Group, each delivered a speech on the brand vision and corporate value of Simon.

Simon Group CEO Esteban Bretcha said Simon Electric has entered the Indonesian market since 2015. In the past two or three years, Simon has begun to increase investment in the Indonesian market.

"At present, Indonesia is a country with the biggest opportunity compared with other parts of the world, especially because of the larger and younger population, and the rapidly developing industry. This is why we establish a company in Indonesia. The manpower we need in Indonesia. Resources, marketing, product, etc.”

In addition to the CEO of Simon Group, Esteban Bretcha, there are also board members Mr. Nicolás de Trincheria, Mr. Ricard Aubert and Mr. Rafel Serra, as well as Mr. Jack Zhu, President of Simon Asia Pacific also attended the opening ceremony, and Southeast Asian business director Derek Dai, and Indonesian branch manager Jerry ZHANG attending the Simon gathering meeting.

At this event, Simon Electric showcased several products, including switches and sockets, lighting and smart home solutions.

Simon Group CEO Esteban Bretcha stated that, like other countries, Simon Electric has a strategy to expand the market in Indonesia through cooperation with local companies. “We build close relationships with Indonesian companies, with local companies that understand the market, and support them to foster mutually beneficial relationships.”

So far, Simon Electric, through its subsidiary Simon Electric Indonesia, has 22 retail business partners, 14 project business partners, and a total of 4,737 retail stores across Indonesia.