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Simon presents “La Casa de la Luz” (The House of Light), its new flagship space

A new space devoted to culture and celebrating light, to reflect

the company's vision for its future.

This multinational project aims to manifest Simon's pioneering

vision as light as a medium for transforming and decorating spaces.

Madrid, 24 March 2022. The House of Light, which will soon open its doors, is the

multinational's new flagship, located on the ground floor of the iconic architectural

complex in Madrid known as the "Oasis". The space has been refurbished by the b720

architectural studio headed by Fermín Vázquez. The renovations respect the original

splendour of the work by renowned architect Fernando Higueras, an exponent of the

highly innovative and daring Brutalist school of his time. Fermín Vázquez had this to

say — “I think the choice of this building is perfect, as it is one of the great

legacies of modernity and an architectural icon that looks to the future, deeply

aligned with Simon's vision".

The space comprises 1,600 square metres and includes Simon's commercial offices. It

is spread over two floors and designed by the industrial and interior designer Antoni

Arola, who regularly collaborates with the company. Arola notes that "The furniture is

an evolution, an improvement and adaptation of what we have been working on

with Simon in recent years. Solid wood for the people and stainless steel for the

products on display".

Another crucial component of this building is its vertical gardens — one of the first in

Europe, these gardens are vital to the building's identity, with vegetation that integrates

rather than conceals.

Simon, together with Arola, wanted to recreate the original indoor project through

careful landscaping, allowing artificial light to illuminate the vegetation to create a

visual aesthetic that evokes the near future.

With this new space, Simon is taking another step toward its goal of engaging more

with people, as it refines its attempts to project the potential of Digital Light and the

company's role in this new era of lighting."This is a project where light is the

protagonist, and we have used the most innovative technology to project our

vision of light", explains Inma Ruiz, Chief Marketing Officer at Simon, with Salvi

Plaja, Design & Sustainability Director at Simon, adding "I strongly believe in the

potential of design to humanise our company and generate value. The design

naturally combines creativity, a people-centered outlook and a vision of the


ProtoPixel, Simon's technological partner, whose digital platform can be used to

create, set up and control any lighting experience, has also been one of the most

important collaborators in realising this vision and, together with Antoni Arola, has

designed the lighting, atmospheres and uses of the space. According to Sebastián

Mealla, CEO and co-founder of ProtoPixel: "technology enables creative processes

which constantly evolve, helping to democratise lighting to positively impact

people's daily lives".

The House of Light is open to both professionals and end users, and everyone will

have the opportunity to be inspired and feel how light transforms and decorates

spaces. The House of Light is also a place where people can learn about the latest

product developments, attend conferences and training sessions. Additionally, this

exciting new space serves as a meeting point for all those creative and entrepreneurial

communities that want to exchange ideas and promote co-creation light projects.

In summary, this project defines Simon's vision for the future and firmly places the

company at the forefront of everything related to the culture of light, from the

technological, industrial, conceptual and emotional perspectives.